Welcome to devProjects!

From this landing page you can browse through the collection of webpages I have written for the purpose of learning & studying, but also for organizing various things and gathering them in a central hub.

Currently, everything is absolutely under construction. I am setting up everything from scratch, which is why it will take some time for me to figure out what goes where. And how.

I went to a website to "design" a logo (I picked one of their designs and tinkered with it for a few minutes) and this is the result:

I started writing this website in HTML and CSS only, but since I am know studying JavaScript, you can find some JavaScript in the footer and navbar of this page. more right here!

Latest News

Another website on the internet - what an innovation. But please: stay with me! Come and find out the why, the how, the what, and The Who!


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Picks & Resources

Wes Bos is a crazy awesome JavaScript developer and teacher. Together with Scott Tolinski (another great developer) he hosts the Syntax Podcast
Wes Bos' Website!
Syntax is absolutely amazing and you should definitely check it out. Wes and Scott talk about dev stuff and life stuff (with tasty treats!)
Syntax Podcast
The CodeNewbie Podcast is hosted by Saron and just utterly amazing - there's nowhere you can hear so many different stories from the world of web development!
CodeNewbie Podcast

Various "live" feeds